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Internet Streaming Media Alliance forms IPTV workgroup

To promote standards-based solutions within the IPTV market, the Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA) has formed an IPTV workgroup. Goals of the workgroup are to monitor developing standards or specifications for deploying an IPTV system, to create an interoperability conformance program for IPTV,and to promote solutions that pass conformance testing.

IPTV deployments relying on proprietary solutions for one carrier network may not be applicable to another network. This creates additional development and integration costs for all the players such as carriers, headend providers, network equipments providers and set-top box providers, said Jean-Francois Fleury, chairman of the IPTV workgroup. Recognizing the need for standardization in many areas, the ISMA created this work group to recognize and promote interoperable solutions among multiple vendors.

Companies and individuals interested in joining the ISMA and/or any of its workgroups can call 415-561-6276.

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