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Integrated media campus to improve news production efficiency across multiple platforms

WHIO-TV, the CBS affiliate and member of Cox Media Group Ohio in Dayton, is adopting an end-to-end, file-based workflow to accelerate news creation and distribution across multiple media platforms: TV, radio, Internet and newspapers.

The station has implemented a variety of Avid (opens in new tab) HD news production solutions for use in its new, state-of-the-art multimedia broadcast facility, which is scheduled to open later this year.

The new media campus, one of the first of its kind in the country, will include the nation’s largest integration of TV, radio and print news businesses. By bringing its TV, radio and print businesses together under one roof, WHIO-TV will be able to enhance content creation and collaboration capabilities and dramatically improve time to air by implementing an end-to-end production workflow from Avid.

The new Avid systems will enable Cox Media Group Ohio to share a broad range of media assets across all of its properties to create more, richer news content that will be viewed by its customers across multiple media, including over the air and online. For example, WHIO-TV can extend the value of raw video by repurposing it across multiple platforms for use on the air or on the company’s multiple broadcast and print websites. With Avid’s open architecture, WHIO will be able to leverage its existing investments by integrating a variety of third-party tools into its workflow as well as connect Avid solutions with other newsroom systems.

In December 2010, WHIO will move its existing TV and radio stations to an expanded and redesigned building that will include new TV and radio broadcast studios within a newly integrated news, content and sales operation. The properties include WHIO-TV, the Dayton Daily News and three other daily papers and nine weekly newspapers, and Cox radio stations NewsTalk WHIO 1290AM, 95.2 FM, WHKO 99.1 and WZLR 95.3. The operation will house about 800 employees.

WHIO-TV will deploy a variety of HD news production technology from Avid including NewsCutter Mojo DX and Nitris DX editing solutions; Interplay and Unity ISIS shared storage; iNEWS and iNEWS Instinct, giving journalists desktop production capability; Deko 1000 HD and DekoCast graphics; and an AirSpeed Multi Stream server for ingest and playout.