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Industry leaders discuss digital signage at Globalshop 2006

Last month, leading digital signage consulting firm executives, consumer marketing analysts, and in-house store marketing managers served on the “Building Smarter Stores: Integrating Visual Merchandising, Store Design & Technology for Improved Customer Experience and Increased Profits” panel that took place at Globalshop 2006 in Orlando, FL. The panel discussed how to build smarter stores through the integration of visual merchandising, store design, and technology for improved customer experience and increased profits.

The panel discussion was moderated by Nikki Baird, a senior analyst for Forrester Research’s Consumer Markets division. The panelists included Ken Goldberg, CEO of Real Digital Media, and Greg Gorman of GMG Design.

The panelists touched on what it takes to design, execute and maintain a consistent brand experience for customers through the aforementioned technology-store design-visual merchandising integration, even as it is delivered uniquely on a store-by-store basis across the chain. The panelists provided insight into the opportunities and challenges inherent in customer-centric store design, including how to leverage some of the newest technologies, such as digital signage, for maximum effect.

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