IBIS launches ServerLoad for sports broadcasters

With the newly enhanced ServerLoad Sport Highlighter, simple management tools allow the deletion of material no longer needed or protection of material to be kept online.

IBIS has completely redesigned ServerLoad Sport to produce ServerLoad Sport Highlighter, a new application with enhanced features and flexibility for sports broadcasting.

The screen layout can be configured for either single wide-screen or dual standard displays with thumbnails. Six individual video windows show each incoming feed, providing a choice of viewing from multiple angles. Beneath each video window, a metadata panel permits the operator to title the recording, identify the sport, etc. Recording can be started manually, or events may be scheduled to automatically record within a 72-hour window.

Once recording is underway, the operator may “click and drag” the chosen video to the desired video to the Edit Channel, where IN and OUT points can be marked using pre-programmed “hot-keys.” Pre-programmed hot-keys are also available for sport-specific metadata descriptions. (e.g. for Baseball: single, double, triple, home-run) and are user-programmable from the system set-up page.

As each clip is dragged to the Edit Channel, the sport identifier field automatically re-programs the hot-keys with the appropriate labels for that sport. Selected highlights may be saved as individual clips for later editing or may be joined together and saved as a sequence (cuts-only).

Additionally, a single playout channel is available while the Edit Channel is in use. Clips and sequences may be played to air on the playout channel at any time. If two playout channels are required when the sports program is on-air, the Edit Channel can be converted to a playout channel and clips can be played out on either channel in an A/B mode.

An archive module is also available to provide a simple method for laying desired material off to tape, or transferring files over a network to an archive device. Simple management tools are provided to allow deletion of material no longer needed or protection of material to be kept online.

For more information, visit www.ibistv.co.uk.

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