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HD wireless camera system takes the plunge

Two Link Research LinkHD wireless HD transmitter/receiver stations, supplied by Presteigne Broadcast Hire, were put to the test last month during the West Asian Games in Doha, Qatar.

Last month, the West Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, were the site of one of the first live, HD transmission from a wireless camera.

Two HD wireless systems, composed of Thomson LDK 6000 HD cameras and Link Research LinkHD wireless transmitter and receiver stations, provided live HD coverage of swimming events at the competition.

The LDK 6000 cameras were fitted with L1403 HD encoder transmitters and were used successfully to cover competitive events at the main pool and diving areas. No dropouts were observed and overall HD video quality compared favourably with HD video sent via triax. The longest delay the LinkHD system introduced was less than 50ms — a little more than one frame.

Presteigne Broadcast Hire provided the Link Research wireless systems and crew to cover the event in HD.

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