HD production in Europe advances with two soccer finals

HD production in Europe took another significant step forward in May with both the UEFA Cup Final in Lisbon, Portugal, and the Champions League Final in Istanbul, Turkey. Both finals were produced entirely in high definition.

EVS HD XT servers played an important role in the production of both by providing high-quality replays and adding a new dimension to the coverage.

The production of the match feed in Lisbon involved 12-networked EVS HD XT machines recording 28 HD cameras, including four Super SloMo HD cameras. Alfacam provided the facilities for the production.

Match coverage in Istanbul relied on seven HD XT units recording the HD cameras and four XT units recording the Super SloMo cameras. In addition to providing the replays for the game, the additional production values provided by the EVS video sharing XNet network allowed the host to provide both a highlights channel and an instant SloMo channel to rights holders. These feeds featured the best camera angles of any significant action, recorded on any of the machines in the Xnet, to be compiled and independently played out while match coverage continued. Outside Broadcast provided the production facilities.

While the majority of broadcasters used downconverted feeds for their live programs, the networks also archived the events in HD for future use, particularly as some of the world’s top players took part in these two games and will also play in the FIFA World Cup in 2006. The growing number of HD productions includes the World Cup tournament.

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