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Hauppauge introduces Broadway app to let users watch live TV on their mobile devices

iPad users can watch their favorite TV programs live on their iPad, anywhere in the home: Any program which they can watch on their TV set, such as live prime time TV programs and sports events, can be transmitted from Hauppauge's Broadway app to an iPad throughout the home.

Users who want to be able to see their favorite TV programs while traveling are able to use the app to stream their home TV programs to their iPad or iPhone via a wireless data network or Wi-Fi.

The app gives Mobile Mac or PC laptop users the ability to surf the net and watch TV at the same time, using a Wi-Fi connection.

A new recording feature allows users to record their favorite TV programs to a USB thumb drive plugged into Broadway, and then play back those recordings. For those who already have Broadway, the new record feature is available as a free download.

The app is also compatible with Android phones and tablets, plus the iPod touch, PC and Mac. Broadway sends live TV to non-Apple mobile devices using Flash.