Grass Valley touches most aspects of Super Bowl XL production

Grass Valley and Thomson equipment played a significant role in ABC Sports’ presentation of Super Bowl XL from Detroit.

Virtually every aspect of the production was processed and manipulated by one or more pieces of gear from Grass Valley or Thomson, including the live game SD/HD simulcast, the half-time show, the pre- and post game shows and the commercials.

Pittsburgh, PA,-based NEP Supershooters produced the game with seven trucks with Grass Valley digital production equipment, including Grass Valley LDK 6000 mk II Worldcam HD cameras; XtenDD and Kalypso SD, HD and 4000 series SD switchers; and Trinix, Concerto and SMS 7000 series routing switchers.

As for the TV commercials, New York-based commercial post house Nice Shoes posted a majority of the film-based commercials seen during this year’s Super Bowl, as it has for several years. The facility used three new Grass Valley Spirit 2K DataCine systems and three Specter 2K Virtual DataCine systems.

Among the trucks, NEP sent to Detroit was the its 53ft-long SS-26 used to produce the actual game telecast. The company’s SS-18 and SS-20 handled the pre- and post-game shows. SS-26 carries 22 Grass Valley LDK 6000 mk II Worldcam HD cameras and base stations, as well as an XtenDD 35 switcher with 90 inputs. The truck is based around a Grass Valley Trinix 160x128 HD video router, a Trinix 256x256 SD router and a Concerto Series 256x256 analog/AES audio router.

NEP’s Silver HD truck, which features numerous LDK 6000 mk II Worldcam HD cameras, a Kalypso HD switche, and SMS7000 Series routing switcher, produced the half-time show.

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