GoalCam System for Russian Hockey League

KRASNOYARSK CITY, RUSSIAVideo and data communication systems vendor VidOvation has announced that Russia's Supreme Hockey League (VHL) has purchased its In-Net GoalView GoalCam system for the Arena Sever Krasnoyarsk Stadium.

The GoalCam system will be installed and maintained by SportsSolutions, a systems integration company that provides equipment and services for stadiums and sports federations in Russia. The company was also one of the major equipment contractors for the Arena Sever Stadium.

The In-Net GoalView GoalCam is a wireless in-goal camera/transmitter and receiver system used to capture and broadcast live video of the goal line for officiating and instant replay verification. The self-contained system utilizes an extended range 60GHz wireless platform to deliver uncompressed and uncoded 1.5G HD-SDI broadcast quality video with no bit or resolution manipulation to a corresponding receiver. The RF transmitter and camera unit is integrated into a custom, ruggedized and water-resistant housing with an extruded aluminium tube with polycarbonate shock resistant and shatter proof domes on each end. An integrated safety and quick release positive registration bracket allows rapid and easy adjustment to all mounting applications. The GoalView GoalCam incorporates internal Lithium-ion batteries to support up to 5 hours of operation per charge for easy mobility. The receiver unit mounts overhead to receive the 1.5 G HD-SDI signal using two BNC re-clocked HD-SDI outputs.

"VidOvation's GoalCam system is the best real-time in-goal wireless camera verification system on the market," added SportsSolutions' Chief Technical Officer, Alexey Pivovarov, who worked at the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014. "Because of its rugged construction, portability and small footprint, we look forward to its acceptance in other major Russian sports venues, stadiums and arenas."