Global Display Solutions launches Piezo inverter

Global Display Solutions (GDS) launched its new Piezo inverter.

Industrial displays provider Global Display Solutions (GDS) launched its new Piezo inverter for multilamp backlight systems such as LCD TVs, high-brightness LCD solutions and headrest displays. Its inverter's balanced output provides uniformity and dimming performance.

The inverter has improved reliability, safety and EMI performance due to a reduced overall size and lower component count. In addition, with the use of the inverter, each lamp in multiple lamp systems will operate independently, enabling continued operation of the display, in the event of a single or multiple lamp failure.

GDS's patented balanced output configuration provides dimming ratios of 500:1. It also features a 12-24 vdc, remotely mounted control circuitry and a low voltage power supply for better thermal management of the display (e.g. headrest displays), and optical feedback to provide uniform lamp output and compensate for brightness variations caused by temperature changes in the display.

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