Genelec announces Smart Active Monitor system

Genelec, a leading manufacturer of monitors used in recording studios, has recently announced the next generation of its technology. Genelec’s new SAM (Smart Active Monitors) system is designed to increase the calibration of monitors.

The SAM system allows monitors to be controlled with digital networking to enable the building of highly flexible computer controlled systems. The acoustical features of SAM can be optimized with software calibration tools to suit individual working styles and systems of monitors. One of these tools is AutoCalTM — Genelec´s acoustic calibration solution that is supplied alsongside the Genelec Loudspeaker Management software package, GLM.

Genelec’s movement in this area is part of an emerging trend. Using the availability of inexpensive computers and software applications that can analyze frequency responses throughout a room and offer suggestions on how less-than-ideal spaces can be optimized, the possibility of improving awkward audio environments has become a reality.