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FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Optical Devices Division co-sponsored the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Event that took place from Sept. 24 to Sept. 30 at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, CA. The film festival brings together the world’s top filmmakers, scientists and environmentalists. It is a cornerstone of the organization’s mission to provide entertainment and education, and foster greater appreciation for oceans and marine ecosystems.

During the festival, BLUE Ocean honored Director James Cameron with an award for “Lifetime Achievement in Ocean Filmmaking.” The award was presented at the Legacy Awards Dinner on Sept. 27— an exclusive “Marquee Event” for BLUE Ocean benefactors and sponsors.

A highly acclaimed writer, director, and producer of blockbuster films and documentaries, James Cameron was chosen for BLUE’s Lifetime Achievement Award because his passion for diving and deep-sea exploration led him to produce a treasure trove of memorable ocean-oriented films. Many of these films, including: “Ghosts of the Abyss” (2003), “Expedition: Bismarck” (2002), and the epic “Titanic” (1997), feature dramas on the high seas or fearless expeditions of the ocean floor in specially crafted submersibles.

For many of his movies and 3-D epics, such as “Avatar,” “Ghosts of the Abyss,” and “Aliens of the Deep,” Cameron has relied on a variety of FUJINON lenses. In many cases, Cameron chose lenses from the FUJINON HA Series of high-performance, 2/3in HDTV portable lenses. The FUJINON HA16x6.3BERM/BERD lens, used on “Avatar,” gives filmmakers a 16X zoom and focal length ranging from 6.3-101mm.

Fujifilm’s sponsorship of the BLUE Ocean Film Festival is consistent with its Green Policy, which promotes efficient management of chemical substances during lens manufacturing to reduce environmental risks. Besides FUJINON, other BLUE Ocean Film Festival sponsors include Google Earth, Disney Nature, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Code Blue Foundation, which funds marine conservation efforts, and OceanGate, which organizes marine expeditions.