Common InterestWhy IBC?

If you've attended IBC before, you might be thinking that maybe you can skip it this year. You've delayed booking your trip because of economic conditions, and perhaps your boss is quietly hoping that he can avoid the expense of sending you. Your company's culture has changed in the last year, and it's no longer good to be seen away from the office too much÷especially when it involves whisking off to Amsterdam for the weekend. Maybe you can just skip it.

Snap out of it. You need to go to IBC...and here's why.

Your organization may well be at an enterprise review stage; most are at this time. The inevitable first part of every review in a downturn is cost-cutting. If companies are smart they should already have gone through this phase, before or after September 11. Now they should be fully engaged in refocusing the business, assessing the new environment, setting achievable targets, and identifying emerging opportunities.

You need to learn, and you cannot do that sitting at your desk. IBC2002 comes at a great time and will house around 800 exhibition stands across 11 halls organized by business area, a significant contrast to the seemingly chaotic hall plan at NAB. IBC is not another NAB. And those who haven't gone should really talk to those who have.

This year, IBC's tagline is "A year's knowledge in one show," and by introducing six main themes across the five days of the conference, that claim is not unreasonable. Covering delivery, interactivity, newsroom technology, content exploitation, radio and D-cinema, the aim of the new mega-sessions is to provide in-depth coverage of the business as well as the creative and technical aspects of each subject.

Have a look at the website, www.ibc. org, and pay special attention to the conference program and exhibition layout. If you are in business in the television industry, then you can develop a clear plan of action for IBC, which might just help convince the powers that be that you really do need to attend the show.

Anton/Bauer - Stand 11.419
Anton/Bauer's latest battery, the Dionic, delivers more power for its size and weight than any other battery in its range. Two batteries can be mounted together to deliver 160W hours using the new QR-HotSwap Gold Mount bracket, which allows either battery to be replaced without powering down the camera. The Dionic also has a realtime display that the manufacturer claims makes it the first digital battery to indicate both remaining run time (hour/minutes) and fuel gauge (percentage empty to full) simultaneously.

It can be charged on Anton/Bauer's new Titan Twin, the company's smallest, lightest two position simultaneous charger. It weighs 16.8 ounces and takes universal power input (90-250VAC 50/60Hz).

Also new is the Titan T2, a two position simultaneous charger featuring completely independent power channels and a 70W DC output for camera power.

Avalon - Stand 3.131
Avalon will introduce a product extension to its AVALONidm intelligent data management software solution, the new graphical user interface, AAMconsole. AVALONidm is an intelligent data management software platform allowing users to create customized data storage workflow models that can be tailored to meet specific business needs. AVALONidm's open architecture allows interoperability with any asset management, broadcast automation, video server, and storage supplier.

The AAMconsole monitors the operations of the data management subsystem, administers both the software and the storage hardware that the subsystem manages, and issues operational commands to the subsystem as necessary.

Chyron - Stand 3.141
Chyron will unveil 4U Sirius, the latest family of routers from Pro-Bel. Sirius incorporates built-in analog and digital signal conversion for both video and audio signals. This not only enables different formats to be housed within the same frame, but also allows cross-routing between formats. Formats available are SDI/HD/analog video and AES audio, all scaleable from 8 x 8 to 64 x 64. Sirius also supports Ethernet and SNMP management and control.

DNF Controls - Stand 9.431
In the area of sports, DNF Controls will show the ST300 Slow Motion Controller, designed for fast-action broadcast and stadium ST300 sports production. Features include a powerful setup menu and automatic mark cue advance. Users can save the last used slo-mo speed and enable/disable freeze at record-out.

For news, the 2044CL Clip Instant Access System includes DNF's full-featured ST400 controller and the Shotbox with assignable LCD buttons that display clip names and deliver instant access to video clips on up to six channels. The addition of DNF's Shotkey Assignment Tool allows clip names to be dragged from Media Manager onto the DNF Shotbox for instant clip playout.

Euphonix - Stand 8.270
Euphonix will demonstrate Max Air, a new 96-channel digital audio mixing console designed for on-air and live-to-tape broadcast production applications. The new console is based on the technology and software of the Euphonix System 5-B; it shares the same DSP core and I/O as System 5-B and also includes much of the same processing and control software.

Max Air can control large numbers of inputs in a small space and has been ergonomically designed to speed operation. SnapShot recall of all console settings allows fast turnaround between different shows and accurate recall for continuity from one week to the next.

Fujinon - Stand 11.310
Fujinon will introduce its new series of wide-angle lenses with 13x zoom. The A13x4.5 BERM offers what the company claims is the longest zoom and the widest angle of view available for broadcast ENG lenses. The new HDTV lens HA13x4.5BERM and the new lenses S13x4.6BRM/BERM feature the longest zoom and the widest angle of view ever.

Harris - Stand 8.281
Harris is emphasizing management, control, and reliability in transmission and automation with its new N+1 redundancy transmission system, which provides complete security against failure without the need to provide cover for every transmitter (four channels require five transmitters). To achieve this, the company has developed electronically adjustable exciters that can be switched to whichever circuit and power is required.

This controllability is part of a new management system providing supervision and control remotely, via the Internet. A Linux-based communications device sends status information as an SMS text message, SNMP, or via the Web, allowing operators to access and control the transmitter from their browsers.

Harrison - Stand 8.519
Harrison will showcase the new TVD-SL broadcast console for live TV production and OB environments. TVD-SL is based around Harrison's true 40-bit digital.engine, expandable router and extensive analog and digital I/O. Multiple systems can be connected to share common resources.

Motorized faders are set on 33mm centers in a compact frame design. Up to 21 high-resolution LCD video screens can be integrated directly in the console. Comprehensive EQ, filtering, dynamics, panning, and bussing flexibility are standard. Every console function can be controlled from up to three remote satellite touch screens. Other features include redundant power supplies and the proven SmartStart failsafe system.

Hi Tech Systems - Stand 10.139
The HT884 is a new range of dynamic VTR controllers on show at IBC. These offer direct control of two, four, six, or eight VTRs for jog, shuttle, cue, and play operations as well as dynamic slo-mo plays directly accessed from a "T" bar. The new controllers also feature improved ergonomics for the control panels.

Also new, Shot Box brings single-action cue-and-play access to hundreds of clips. The new Sports Box adds meaningful descriptions and management to speed on-air operations.

IDX Technology - Stand 11.321
IDX Technology will introduce enhancements to its Endura range, extending the benefits of its high capacity, durability, lightweight and Îno-memory' performance. The latest products from the range include the E-80, which provides 82Wh capacity, giving 184 minutes run time at 26W, in a light (1.6 pound) package. The E-80 also features PowerLink for docking with other E-80 batteries as well as E-50 batteries already in use. The E-80S and E-50S batteries from the Endura range will also be on show.

Also on the stand will be the Endura Tower Charger, a new concept in charging for up to eight batteries with the convenience of front loading, as well as the four-channel VL-4S charger. Both offer simultaneous charging with individual monitoring and charging regimes that are essential for easy and efficient management of multiple high-capacity batteries. For larger users, Tower Chargers can be mounted in tandem, saving space and increasing productivity.

JVC - Stand 8.181
For the D-9 4:2:2 digital format, JVC will unveil a range of camcorders and VTRs. For lightweight acquisition, there will also be new models in the Professional DV range, including the latest 3x 1/2-inch camcorder, the GV-DV5000. It can record both mini DV and DV format tapes as well as simultaneously stream MPEG-4-encoded images. This is complemented by model BR-DV3000, a new compact VTR capable of recording and playing mini DV and DV formats in both PAL and NTSC.

Miranda - Stand 8.221
Miranda will extend its Oxtel Series master control switching and channel branding range with the introduction of the Imagestore 3 and the Imagestore 2 Solo, as well as powerful new graphics middleware and control applications.

The company will show the Imagestore 3 with the new Presmaster 2 master control switcher and the new Kaleido K2 "virtual" monitor wall in the "Master Control Glass Cockpit" multichannel environment. Miranda will also launch the DVC-800 HD to DV converter, which enables material acquired in HD to be edited in DV format.

Omneon - Stand 8.271
Omneon's MCP 2101 MediaServer will debut at IBC, featuring server bandwidth for a range of applications that can be leveraged from a common infrastructure. It is more scalable, with up to 96 I/O channels and more than 12TB of storage. With two separate Gigabit Ethernet ports, it maximizes content archive access, connections to LANs and WANs, and applications that demand a lot of IP bandwidth, such as editing.

PAG Advanced

Battery Systems - Stand 11.521
PAG Advanced Battery Systems will introduce the Paglight Mini, an ultra-compact 12V on-board camera light designed for small digital camcorders. It features a design similar to the standard Paglight, but much smaller.

It is constructed principally from a thermoplastic engineering polymer, which provides high strength, impact resistance, and temperature stability. PAG's own heat dissipation system means it should be comfortable to handle even at maximum temperature.

Sachtler - Stand 11.539
Sachtler will show its new modular Artemis Cine/HD stabilizing system designed for use with HD camcorders and large film cameras. Users can choose between four sleds: Cine, Cine HD, EFP, and EFP HD. Features include a built-in tally system, three video lines for HD cameras, dual dynamic balance, and a self-centering gimbal.

For small, lightweight cameras, there is also the Artemis DV. The aluminum, bow-shaped unit can be assembled without tools and can carry cameras up to 5.5 pounds. The monitor mount, which fits standard 2.5-inch and 3-inch TTF monitors, can be freely positioned to give users full view of the screen.

SGI - Stand 7.431
SGI will introduce the latest version of SGI Media Server. The SGI Media Server enables broadcasters to efficiently streamline their news production and transmission operations and reliably get their pictures to air. It also allows broadcasters to simultaneously put more breaking news on the air and distribute that news faster than realtime across several stations within their group or network using the latest digital networking technologies and open server systems.

Sony - Stand 9.111
A strong theme underpinning Sony operations is adherence to open industry standards. As such, Sony R&D labs will showcase a new concept in metadata systems that can add value and create efficiency at every stage of the broadcast production process. It can make the sharing and reuse of stored assets in, for example, interactive TV and online distribution channels easier and more profitable. The Sony Metadata Network System is based on open standards. At the heart of the system is the implementation of UMIDs as specified in the SMPTE 330M standard.

Sony will also demonstrate an application of MXF through its new MPEG-IMX e-VTR, a cost-effective means for professional AV products to connect with other devices on a network. The e-VTR consists of a plug-in network card that provides an IP address and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to a standard MPEG IMX VTR. It allows MXF files carrying 50Mbps MPEG-2 data to be sent via IT networks, not just from MPEG IMX cassettes, but also when replaying Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, and Digital Betacam tapes.

Telecast Fiber Systems - Stand 10.328
Telecast Fiber Systems will launch a new two-way point of view (PoV) single-fiber bi-directional video and data link, the TR5221. This complements the TR5222, a dual-fiber version introduced at NAB2002. Each is available as either a rack-mounted or "throw-down" module that transports broadcast-quality video from a remote PoV camera; returning video/genlock back to the camera, tally/closure signals; and two full duplex control data signals. All signals are digitally and optically multiplexed for bidirectional transmission on a single optical fiber.

Telestream - Stand 2.327
FlipFactory TrafficManager, the newest addition to Telestream's line of powerful format conversion products, makes its European debut at IBC. Designed to automate the ingest of commercials at TV stations, TrafficManager includes tracking, previewing, and reformatting for digital redistribution to destination devices.

Thomson Grass Valley - Stand 8.151
Thomson Grass Valley will be demonstrating its promised interoperability between the Trinix routing switcher family and its Encore facility control system and Series 7000 control system. Also shown will be a series of key enhancements to its digital news production solution. These include integration between the NewsEdit suite of products÷the FeedClip interactive feed capture system, the NewsEdit nonlinear editor, and the NewsQ news playback system÷and the NewsShare storage area network; the debut of the NewsBrowse desktop browsing/editing application, and key updates to the NewsEdit and NewsEdit LT laptop nonlinear editors.