Excellence Awards AZCAR Enon

Category New studio technology — network Submitted by AZCAR Design teamAZCAR: Norman J
Cleary, sr. consulting
eng.; Lawrence St-Onge,
lead/audio eng.; Thomas
Moorhead, video eng.;
James Viviano, proj. mgr. Technology at work

Aviom mixing system

Christie LS+58 projectors

Crestron control system


D5 Live audio console

DS-00 audio console


5600 sync and frame

+HTG HD-SDI test

signal card

+STG SDI test signal



MU-50PM1M plasmas

MU-60PZ95V plasmas


MSL4, UPA-1P speaker


700HP subwoofers

Panasonic AJ-HD1200A

Pinnacle Deko 1000HD

Pioneer PRV-LX1

Ross Synergy switcher

Sony HDC-X310

Soundweb London





pan/tilt heads

CPS-ST-S camera

control system

Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church’s massive HD multimedia facility

Success brings both rewards and challenges. After the congregation of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church grew to 7000 members, a new facility was necessary. AZCAR was chosen to help defi ne, engineer and deploy the technologies necessary to support a new 94,000sq-ft facility. The challenge was to develop audio, video and graphics systems capable of elegant productions when operated by non-professionals.

Music set the quality standard for the sanctuary sound system design. The DiGiCo D5 Live, 96 input front-of-house console, and the DS-00 post-production digital audio console address the challenge posed by a program of this size and complexity.

Meyer MSL4 two-way high directivity cabinets and UPA-1P active cabinets make up the stereo speaker clusters. UPA-1Ps are also used for choir monitors and distributed delay. Meyer 700HP active subwoofers complete the main speaker system confi guration. Soundweb London BLU80 and BLU32 DSP processors drive the sanctuary speaker systems. Aviom personal monitor mixing is provided for all musicians.

HD 1080i is the production and internal distribution video format. Two 136in x 240in projection screens powered by Christie LS+58 projectors with HD-SDI input modules fl ank the choir and pulpit. Ten 50in LG MU-50PM1M plasma screens are positioned for under-balcony and choir viewing, and one 60in LG MU60PZ95V is located at the balcony rail for viewing from the pulpit. Displays are driven by an HD-SDI distribution system.

Staffing was a major consideration in the decision to deploy a Telemetrics touch-screen controller and three-camera robotic system. Cameras include a Sony HDC-X310 box camera with HFU-X310 fi ber interface. Recallable real-time motion and 160 pre-settable shots per camera require only one operator.

Graphics for both the sanctuary video screens and the video program stream are generated using two systems: Pinnacle Systems Deko 1000HD and EasyWorship.

The multipurpose venue called for a substantial AV component to the video systems design. Format compatibility with analog and digital formats was necessary. The facility includes a Ross Synergy 1.5MD digital switcher. Crestron touch-screen control, with custom GUI, control HD-SDI and RGBHV analog video routers, and other devices.

HD mastering and tape playback use Panasonic AJ-HD1200A recorder/players. An HD Final Cut Pro Studio NLE suite is being added to the facility. The program stream is also downconverted to SD and recorded on a Pioneer PRV-LX1 with SDI input card. This allows simultaneous recording on a hard drive and dual DVDs for high-speed DVD duplication immediately following a service.