Epson develops D5 series LCD panels for projection systems

As originally reported in Broadcast Engineering, Seiko Epson has completed the development of its D5 series of HD-ready high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT liquid crystal panels for 3-LCD-type front-projectors and large-screen HDTV LCD projection televisions for the home, according to JCNN in Tokyo.

Epson has already started shipping development samples of the new panels and plans to begin shipping the panels in production quantities in May 2005.

The company announced in June that it had developed its first panel in the D5 series: a 0.7in, 720p model.

Now joining the D5 series lineup is a 0.9in, 1080p model designed for HDTV systems. This latest addition to the lineup will allow users to enjoy HDTV picture quality on projection systems employing the 3 LCD design, which uses three HTPS panels.

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