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Entone announces VOD server collaboration with HP

Entone has announced its collaboration with HP in launching a VOD server solution.

The VOD server solution achieves single-server throughput of more than 100Gb/s. The Entone platform, a 64 processor HP Integrity Superdome server running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, delivers more than 27,400 simultaneous MPEG-2 video streams at 3.75 Mb/s per stream or more than 50,000 MPEG-4 streams at 2Mb/s per stream.

The performance of the Entone VOD platform is enabled by Entone’s StreamLiner XL software coupled with HP Integrity servers.

Libraries of video assets for the Entone StreamLiner XL platform running on HP Integrity servers can reside in RAM, on disk, or a hybrid of the two. The HP Integrity Superdome server is scalable and capable of supporting multiple operating systems and up to 1TB of RAM, 128 Intel Itanium 2 processors and a virtually unlimited amount of disk storage.

Entone’s StreamLiner’s architecture enables flexible configurations of RAM, SCSI, and SATA storage and can scale from small system deployments of hundreds of streams to deployments that may involve 100,000s of streams. When coupled with Entone’s Armada intelligent asset management system, the StreamLiner platform can be deployed in a widely distributed environment or on a large-scale central server platform.

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