Ensemble Design supplies embedders and frame synchronizers to Media Win

The Media Win network studio is outfitted with audio embedders and digital frame synchronizers from Ensemble Design.

Media Win, a major Korean network that provides satellite broadcasting services for thirteen video program providers, is using Ensemble Design processing modules to bring signals in and out of Media Win’s video servers.

Media Win is using Ensemble Design's Avenue 5600 audio embedders and Avenue 5450 digital frame synchronizers. Video and audio sources are played back and routed to the Avenue 5600 for multiplexing, then fed to the server. The audio mixer offers channel shuffling and level adjustments for moving languages from one pair to another. Avenue 5120 Distribution Amplifiers are used throughout the system as well.

Avenue is a tray-based signal integration system housed in 3RU or 1RU frames. Any combination of HD, SD, ASI and audio modules can be used in the same frame. Modules include HD up- and downconverters, frame syncs, audio embedders, video converters and SPGs. Any number of frames and control panels can be networked together to form a system. All frames and modules in the system can be accessed from multiple locations in a facility, including remote locations via the Internet.

For more information, visit www.ensembledesigns.com.

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