Engineer for McCartney, Gabriel, Sting chooses VENUE console

Not long ago the mixing console was a species that lived on its own.

Effects racks and tape decks were distinct, bussed into the board, but separate from it. The age of the digital audio workstation, where recording, processing and mixing functions were folded into a single piece of hardware (for the most part) pointed the way to the future. However, many front-of-house engineers, concerned about a crippling single system failure, held out, and the old model remained active in the live-sound market.

Things have changed.

Avid recently announced that veteran engineer Ben Findlay, whose clients include Paul McCartney, Sting and Peter Gabriel, has chosen the Avid VENUE Profile as his touring console, primarily for the advantages it bring in terms of workflow.

Artists who rely on specific processing software during the recording process insist on having those sounds available on tour. Findlay brings his Pro Tools rack on the tour whenever possible, and said he appreciates VENUE’s ability to act as a plug-in host.

“I use VENUE’s onboard processing extensively,” says Findlay. "I really like the Sonnox Oxford plug-in, as well as their Inflator, which I use on drums, and occasionally on bass. I tend to use the LA2 emulator quite a bit on vocals, as well as Bomb Factory.”

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