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Doremi ships Nugget MPEG-2 HD video player

Doremi is set to begin shipping the Nugget MPEG-2 HD video player. The Nugget is a multi-standard, 1 RU standalone MPEG-2 video player that can play HD or SD MPEG-2 video (4:2:0, 4:2:2) ranging from 5Mb/s to 80Mb/s, and supports 720p and 1080i. Removable ATA drives are available from 80GB to 180GB.

Video outputs include HD or SD-SDI, YPbPr, DVI-D, and composite video. Audio outputs include four-track analog and two SP-DIF outputs compatible with AC-3 (5.1 surround).

Other features include genlock input bi/tri-level and timecode LTC input and output; control by Gigabit Ethernet, RS422, chase LTC, Sony, Odetics, and VDCP protocols; a GPIO port (eight inputs, four outputs); embedded playlists for automated playback; FTP client for downloading via TCP/IP-UDP.

Intended for use at exhibitions, showrooms, theaters and parks, the Nugget will ship in June.

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