Digital rental and staging gains traction

Holland-based companies are utilizing digital rental and staging technologies for marketing and signage at large companies, and one equipment provider is cashing in on this growth.

Avex, Bazelmans AVR, BeamSystems, Fidato, Hecla, Houben and Pro Vision have decided to standardize on Analog Way’s Di Ventix to facilitate cross rentals and accelerate return on investments. These Dutch companies have each bought one or several Di Ventix to create a pool of machines.

The Di Ventix is an HD presentation switcher that can be used stand-alone for large events, or when combined with other Di Ventix, can produce very large screens with the company’s Soft Edge Blending technology.

The company created the Di Ventix to meet demand for dynamic large screen presentations in which more than one image or source can be used at a time.

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