Decontis releases updated version of monitoring software

Decontis recently released an updated version of its atscSAM v3.0 software. The software performs in-depth SNMP-based analysis and monitoring of Mobile DTV of M-EAS announcement data and FLUTE carousels. It also renders all transmitted content, CAP alert messages and rich media delivered via NRT, including playback of audio and video clips. The software also allows around-the-clock monitoring of all important M-EAS parameters.

Besides support for M-EAS, the new version of the software also includes support for analysis of generic NRT content and in-depth analysis of all NRT-specific anouncement data.

The product includes a network management console featuring comprehensive, individually configurable, 2-layer debouncing. Real-time data is available through the console regardless of the current debounce settings.

In addition, a new e-mail and SMS notification feature has been introduced in atscSAM v3. This feature provides automatic notification of specified station staff upon detection of sustained errors which might indicate a serious problem in the MH broadcast.