Cumulus 7 supports Intel-based Mac platform

Canto has announced the release of Cumulus 7, the latest major revision to its Digital Asset Management (DAM) software for Mac OS X and Windows.

New to this upgrade is universal binary support for Intel-based Macs, improved asset control and faster production. The software features a new user interface, with the ability to identify and manage the relationship between assets.

For example, images referenced in QuarkXPress and InDesign layouts can be connected to the assets that reference them. Users can also easily find “Alternates” or “Variants” and trace other relationships between assets. “Shared Collections” show users the asset records related to their current project or projects without requiring users to do any searching.

“Actions” are linked to automate workflow steps, new image conversion and processing features have been added, printing improvements have been added, and PDF proof sheets can be generated.

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