Chief offers upgraded custom and universal projector mounts

Chief Manufacturing has launched the RPA Elite series of custom and universal projector mounts. Existing features of the RPA Series are retained, including independent roll, pitch and yaw, integrated cable management, and security. New features include

MicroZone adjustments, allowing micro adjustment of roll, pitch, and yaw with the use of a No. 2 screwdriver as well as post-installation yaw adjustment of flush-mounted projectors up to 12 degrees.

Macro adjustment Centris technology uses the mounted projector’s center of gravity to make adjustments with the touch of a finger and lock them into place with three locking screws.

A locking lever allows quick detachment of the projector from the mount for regular maintenance and easy access to the lamp and filter, without losing registration. The locking system offers three key choices for protection against theft.

A new selection of Speed-Connect accessories includes ceiling plates, extension columns and suspended ceiling kits.

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