Chicago White Sox manage images with Extensis software

Extensis, a division of Celartem, has announced that the Chicago White Sox organization upgraded to Portfolio 8 as its core digital asset management solution. The software is used to manage more than 30,000 images of the World Series championship baseball team.

Portfolio allows instant access to the team’s image library from multiple departments within the organization, including public relations, sales, corporate partnerships, scoreboard operations, publications, design services and marketing. Implementation is underway for Portfolio NetPublish Server, which will allow outside partners, vendors or sponsors access to White Sox images via a Web site.

In addition to managing the internal distribution of images, Portfolio is also used for external distribution of images to partners, sponsors and the press. Using Portfolio’s e-mail feature, the company said it was easy to e-mail original files, or dynamically generate low-resolution preview files, directly from within the program.

Other sports teams using Portfolio software are the Milwaukee Brewers, the Cleveland Indians, the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Portfolio 8 streamlines workflows through efficient organization, viewing, routing, archiving and distribution of a wide range of media files and creative assets.

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