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Etere Automation: software automates recording, compiling and publishing schedules and archiving; playlist can be modified from a remote location; upgraded fault tolerance available in four versions: clone, backup, backup one to many or distributed architecture.
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Scientific-Atlanta Transis: stand-alone device enables reductions in the bit rate of programs received in the headend; operators can squeeze more revenue-generating services into one multiplexed transport stream; optimizes bandwidth usage; can handle a flexible number of channels; can limit the rates of individual programs independently; works with existing MPEG- or DVB-compliant re-multiplexers and transport streams.
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Miller Tripods Sprinter ENG series: available in carbon fiber or alloy tubing; features Sprint-Loks, which are dual, side-action leg clamps; each tripod has two Sprint-Loks co-located on the upper leg clamp; eliminates the need to bend down to adjust the lower tripod stage and no more accidental unlocking; adjustable center hub and telescopic extensions allow user to set up to any height.
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Sony DFS-700: can be incorporated into the production switcher for digital effects; capable of delivering 3-D, page turns and effects in an instant; includes standard with eight inputs, four SDI and four analog component; features option for true 3-D mapped effects and an option for second channel of digital effects.
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Discreet 3ds max 5: offers users control over the creation, animation and management of characters; includes new floating licensing options, Spline IK Dope Sheet Editor and a new character-based animation management system; features radiosity, Toon Shading, Area Light Shadows and method for simulating high-resolution scenes on low-resolution geometry.
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Axon Digital Design SFR04: compact broadcast modular media system; processes and converts audio and video signals; has a new infrastructure and control interface; is a 1-RU frame; can house four cards and a single power supply unit; card settings are modified.
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AR-Vision AR-CAST: provides real-time, digital insertion of computer-generated virtual images for sports and other broadcast applications; allows users to graphically represent game follow-up information such as team logos and scores, 2-D and 3-D special effects and animation; offers automatic tracking and image processing with sub-pixel accuracy using tracking sensor developed in-house.
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Panasonic AJ-SDC915: features high-sensitivity 2/3-inch 520,000-pixel IT 3-CCDs; is switchable between 16:9 wide-screen or 4:3 aspect ratios; 4-position ND/CC optical filter wheel allows on-location adjustment to the ambient light source; includes a programmable 3-position gain switch to select from 12 settings.
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Viaccess Interactive Applications: based on open standards; enables broadcasters to co-operate more closely; features open international standard solutions for any transmission link and fully integrated interfaces for proprietary systems; can choose XML for data exchanges.
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HHB Communications PORTADRIVE: combines 24-bit/96 kHz multichannel recording with on-board mixing facilities; records audio onto a compact shock resistant removable 2.5-inch hard drive; a 6 into 2 mixer is built in; enables simultaneous recording of a stereo mix alongside 6 discrete inputs; equipped to read and generate timecode in all international frame rates.
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Sintefex Audio Replicator CX2000: features track laying, mixing and mastering; includes a selection of sampled real classic compressor sounds; has built-in compressor samples; includes a side chain EQ and total USB/MIDI remote control; offers complete recall and potentially unlimited samples.
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Kroma Telecom LM5005: allows simultaneous viewing of 3 independent sources; input selection, bright, contrast, saturation and dimmer can be accessed through the available OSD in the center of the screen; change of parameters can affect the screens individually or as a group; each LCD-TFT displays incorporates a Tally LED.
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