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BSkyB purchases Harris Automation System for HDTV services

British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) has purchased the D-Series Ingest and Play-to-Air Automation System from Harris Corporation for BskyB’s new HDTV services. Harris will also provide full turnkey systems integration for the new HD playout platform.

As BSkyB moves from tape-based playout to a server-based environment, the D-Series system will provide a scalable content management and delivery foundation for the 2006 HD launch. The Harris system is configurable to provide the seamless ability to combine HD and SD material under one overall control system.

Designed for multi-channel operation, D-Series automation streamlines ingest, access and playout of digital assets by providing a “content aware infrastructure” that supplements central database information with embedded metadata in each segment of the server-based material. This metadata engine is essential for new services such as interactive television, where content and consumers are identified and targeted for new revenue streams.

The Harris D-Series is a frame-accurate, real-time multi-channel automation system that provides automatic failover protection with error detection and correction features, thus assuring uninterrupted on-air performance.

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