Blackmagic Design announces immediate availability of DeckLink HD Studio

Blackmagic Design has announced that DeckLink HD Studio, a capture and playback card that supports both HDMI and analog component video, is now available to clients worldwide.

DeckLink HD Studio allows capture from HDMI cameras or decks, as well as analog decks and set-top boxes. HDMI playback and analog playback allows connection to a wide range of video monitors, big-screen televisions and video projectors. DeckLink HD Studio can be switched between HD and SD formats.

The card supports 10-bit capture and playback, high speed, four lane PCI Express and 14-bit digital to analog conversion. DeckLink HD Studio also features the same uncompressed and compressed file formats used by all DeckLink cards, allowing large SAN-based systems to use shared video files for full compatibility.

DeckLink HD Studio and the entire range of DeckLink HD cards from Blackmagic Design feature 64-bit addressing that eliminates system memory limits, so clients can install as much memory as needed.

DeckLink HD Studio is fully compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and any DirectShow or QuickTime-based software application. DeckLink HD Studio works with most popular video software.

DeckLink Studio is software upgradeable, enabling new video formats and features to be added via free software updates from the Blackmagic Design Web site located at