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Belden introduces component video cables

Belden Brilliance Banana Peel component video cables

Belden has added Banana Peel high-resolution component video cables to its Brilliance cable line. Designed for higher frequency, longer distance transmissions, the cables feature 75ohm impedance for improved signal integrity and optimized system performance for applications such as large-screen video, HDTV, animation, editing and special effects video.

Belden's Banana Peel design involves affixing individual coaxial cables to a center spline, eliminating the need for an outer jacket. To install, individual cables are peeled off the center spline and are ready for termination. Color-coding and print legends enable identification of individual cable components. The jacketless composite cables are more flexible than traditional cables and have a smaller diameter.

The Banana Peel cables are offered in two sizes: 20 or 25 AWG copper center conductors.

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