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B2C Enterprises signs up Rentrak

B2C Enterprises said it would use Rentrak’s StationView Essentials, including its Polk Automotive purchaser integration, to achieve a greater degree of efficiency and effectiveness when planning and buying on behalf of its local-market television advertiser clientele.

Weighing less than 6oz and less than half the size of a deck of cards, the Belkin receiver with Dyle mobile TV is a compact and portable accessory that easily fits into a pocket or small purse. To enable, simply plug the accessory into the iPhone or iPad's 30-pin connector, extend the flexible titanium antenna for maximum reception coverage and launch the Dyle TV app, currently available for free in the App Store.

The Dyle TV app features an easy-to-navigate channel guide that shows which local stations are available in each market for users to watch live, local television. Channel availability will vary by location; for more information, please see the Dyle service map at: