Avid delivers AirSpeed 2.0 server

Avid’s AirSpeed 2.0 system enables production of high-quality SD and HD segments with significant speed and reliability.

Avid Technology has announced the availability of AirSpeed 2.0, an upgraded multi-purpose video ingest and playout server. The system now supports two new formats —uncompressed SD, and the Avid DNxHD format to facilitate HD production from capture to playout.

AirSpeed 2.0 is available in two versions: one that includes front-panel video control and monitoring; and another that is optimized for HD workflows and remote operation, offering four times the storage capacity in place of the front-panel controls and monitor.

The AirSpeed 2.0 system, Avid said, was designed to deliver video ingest and playback server functionality within a streamlined digital nonlinear production workflow. The system features VTR-like functionality with full remote programmability and control and offers interoperability with the Avid Unity family of shared-storage devices and nonlinear editing systems.

In conjunction with the Avid DNxchange system, which automatically encodes HD content from cameras, switches, routers, and decks into the Avid DNxHD format, the AirSpeed 2.0 system supports a range of HD resolutions and frame rates, including 1080i/59.95, 1080i/50 and 720p/59.94 converted to Avid DNxHD data rates of 145Mb/s or 120Mb/s. The AirSpeed 2.0 system also supports standard definition formats such as uncompressed SD, DV25, DV50, IMX30 and IMX 50.

Avid AirSpeed 2.0 is now available in a standard configuration for $18,000, or a version with four times greater storage capacity and without a front-panel controls and monitor for $20,000. Current AirSpeed customers under the Avid Assurance program can upgrade to AirSpeed 2.0 for free on the Avid Download Center.

For more information, visit www.avid.com (opens in new tab).

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