Associated Press shows version 4.5 of ENPS

The Associated Press has introduced the latest version of its ENPS electronic news production system.

ENPS version 4.5 offers several new features designed to meet the needs of international broadcasters, including:

  • Extended Briefing, an extension of search capability that allows users to search multiple ENPS servers simultaneously. Third-party system searches also are supported.
  • My ENPS, a desktop summary page providing the user with an overview of the day’s work and notification of new messages.
  • A new Communications Gateway supporting messaging to field journalists via wireless devices.
  • User selectable languages. New ENPS Fax Server to let journalists view incoming faxes from any ENPS desktop.
  • New Ticker function to allow broadcasters to create automatically generated, continuous tickers from the ENPS Running Order.
  • Continuous Content Rundown, allowing 24-hour news organizations to manage their programs from a single rundown.

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