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Aspera Software introduces integrated high-speed file transfer technology with Microsoft and Isilon Systems

Aspera Software, software developer of bulk data transport technology, introduced its fasp 2.0 high-speed file transfer products at IBC2007 in Amsterdam along with industry partners Microsoft and Isilon Systems. Aspera demonstrated how its integrated software enables high-speed file transfer in digital media production, collaborative media management and scalable storage solutions.

Aspera’s fasp 2.0, a software transport platform providing speed, security and bandwidth control at global distances, was featured in the Microsoft Interactive Media Manager solution for collaborative media management. Isilon Systems featured Aspera's joint storage solution for scalable high-performance content delivery.
The product delivers gigabit per second transfer speeds over the WAN, featuring adaptive rate control and enterprise-scale automation and bandwidth management over the Internet and private IP networks. It provides users with the ability to set file transfer speeds, file priority settings and finish times, and to track their progress, optimizing available bandwidth control and increasing efficiency over standard protocols like FTP.

Aspera software is a key extension component for Microsoft's Interactive Media Manager. Interactive Media Manager is a collaborative media management solution that extends Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for media and entertainment companies, enabling integration through the Aspera Enterprise Server software and Aspera Connect browser plug-in software, providing out-of-the-box uploads of media files through the Interactive Media Manager Web portal. This integrated solution helps media-intensive companies create an end-to-end content production system capable of dealing with the new challenges of taking digital content to the Internet. Similarly, the Interactive Media Manager backend can be extended with Aspera software for high-speed transfers between production units and distribution partners.

Additionally at IBC2007, Isilon Systems featured its IQ clustered storage solution with Aspera's Enterprise Server for high-performance, scalable content delivery. Aspera’s Enterprise Server is a new software application running directly on the IQ clustered storage platform to provide a cluster-aware version of Aspera high-speed file transfer technology for rapid, reliable and scalable content delivery for video, audio, images and other rich media assets or unstructured data to any point in the network, or to any user with access to a Web browser, Mac, PC or UNIX workstation.

By combining Isilon's SmartConnect software application with the Aspera Enterprise Server, companies can create transfer zones where portions of the cluster are dedicated to Aspera clients during shared usage periods. As content delivery requirements grow, administrators can simply scale out the transfer job to use more nodes in the cluster to transfer files. Aspera automatically spreads large file and data set transfers over cluster nodes, which allows massive gigabit-per-second throughputs in minutes as opposed to hours, even over an intercontinental WAN. As file transfer needs expand, administrators simply add performance or capacity to the cluster, without having to manage servers and storage separately. Through a single, scalable file system, Aspera’s Enterprise Server collapses the server and storage tier into a single, common storage and transfer management pool.

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