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Ascent Media Group


Post & network production facilities

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To address the problems of faster turnaround in a 4K data-centric media environment, Ascent Media Group (AMG) gutted its 100,000sq ft building in Burbank, CA, and rebuilt it from the ground up. The company chose SGI as prime contractor, and SGI Professional Services worked hand-in-hand with the group to design and integrate AMG's data-centric production network, ProdNet, which is dedicated to manufacturing, repurposing and distributing large media assets in huge volumes. It also offers studio clients secure methods for accommodating a large variety of deliverables.

The SGI InfiniteStorage CXFS shared file system was a major product component for AMG, particularly in the telecine department, where each frame must be handled as an individual file. The frames add up to 24 files for each second of film. In addition, file sizes range from moderate to large, depending on whether they are HD, 2K or 4K resolution.