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Ardendo DAM chosen for BBC Broadcast Centre

BBC Broadcast, one of the commercial companies of the BBC, has announced that the Swedish company Ardendo AB will provide an enterprise-quality asset management system for its new Broadcast Centre in West London.

The digital asset management system (DAM) will be the final key component of BBC Broadcast’s “ingest once, use many” architecture, called MOMS (Media Object Management System). Building on existing DAM developments, the package will provide the integration, workflow and management layers for BBC Broadcast’s ‘end to end’ business process.

It will provide VTR ingest and live lines record facilities, integration with a large Quantel post production workgroup and with subtitling and audio description systems. Also included are high-performance multiple transcode engines, quality check and cataloguing services for archive use.

The system has been specified for a minimum of 1000 users and includes desktop browse of assets and playback to multiple display devices. The Ardome suite of asset management products from Ardendo will be layered onto existing components including storage systems from SGI, a Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) from Front Porch Digital and a datatape library from ADIC. It will provide the tools to ingest, store, manage, transform and deliver all broadcast assets, irrespective of format, as required by clients, such as BBC Television.

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