Actimagine boosts decompression rates for Sharp microcontrollers

Sharp and Actimagine have collaborated to increase video performance of Sharp’s ARM7- and ARM9-based portfolio of BlueStreak microcontrollers. A codec developed by Actimagine enables a fourfold increase in video decompression rates without any additional power consumption.

Sharp's ARM7-based MCUs can now support vector graphics at 30 fps and video at 24 fps on a QVGA screen at 77MHz. Its ARM9-based MCUs can run vector graphics at 30 fps and video at 24 fps on a VGA screen at 266MHz while maintaining audio quality. Commercial applications include end-of-aisle displays, digital signage and kiosks.

The Actimagine video encoder converts any video format such as MPEG-4, AVI, and WMV into Actimagine VX format. The VX encoder is available as standalone PC software, as a server version for on-the-fly video conversion and mass conversion and as a software library for integration in other video production. The Actimagine video format offers an additional layer of protection against piracy.

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