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WNET Finds Savings, Convenience In Remote Production Control

NEW YORK—Public broadcaster WNET is coming up on the one-year anniversary of a successful remote production control deployment.

Nevion Virtuoso

Nevion Virtuoso

In early 2018, the station enabled remote control of WLIW in Plainview, Long Island, production via a JPEG 2000-based transport solution from Nevion. Since then, the company’s Virtuoso software-defined media node platform has been used to transport audio and video streams from the Plainview station to WNET’s New York City headquarters.

The system has proven to be reliable and agile “with no faults” since its rollout, said Frank Graybill, Director of Engineering, WNET.

Virtuoso seamlessly backhauls multiple camera and audio feeds from the WLIW studio to WNET’s Manhattan control room without requiring production personnel in Plainview.

This approach does away with the need for guests and staff to travel to the Manhattan studio to produce WLIW programming as well as eliminates the costs involved in building a staffed facility for these productions in Long Island, Nevion said.

Rather, WNET repurposed an existing WLIW studio and deployed the Nevion Virtuoso low-latency, high-quality transport with JPEG 2000 encoding for live remote production controlled in Manhattan.

This setup makes it possible for the broadcaster to conduct interviews on short notice, which allows WLIW to produce more timely, relevant content to tie into local breaking news stories.

“We have been thoroughly impressed with the Virtuoso solution. Its GUI is user-friendly, and the software is easy to understand, which allowed us to have the system up and running within a matter of hours,” said Graybill.

WNET purchased the Virtuoso solution from Dynamic Performance Technology, a Nevion certified business partner.

More information is available on the Nevion website; information on Dynamic Performance Technology is available on its website.