WISC-TV turns to Sundance Digital Titan Automation

The station’s new Titan will operate in conjunction with an Omneon Spectrum media server system
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WISC-TV, a Madison, WI, -based CBS affiliate and part of the Morgan Murphy Stations group, will launch a streamlined multi-channel operation in early March driven by Sundance Digital’s highly-scalable Titan Automation package.

Titan, Sundance Digital's most advanced transmission automation solution, will operate in conjunction with an Omneon Spectrum media server system. Titan can control hundreds of playout channels within a single facility or playlists at multiple remote locations. Its widely distributed processing architecture permits dynamic reassignment of playlist control and assures "mission-critical" reliability.

WISC-TV’s automation suite will include Sundance Digital’s Intelli-Sat Broadcast Recording Manager for intake and delivery of syndicated programs from satellite to the Omneon server. Titan also will integrate tightly with Telestream’s Flip Factory to facilitate ingest of program, spot content and metadata, and Pathfire’s Digital Media Gateway to manage the transfer of new media from Pathfire's cache server.

For more information, visit booth SU10011 or go to www.SundanceDigital.com.

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