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Vuuzle manages its live and VOD assets with the Verizon Media Platform. (Image credit:

LAS VEGAS— is an ad-supported streaming service providing live events alongside video-on-demand content consumers as a virtual, live, linear channel. One of our unique differentiators is taking live feeds from content creators and ingesting them into a sophisticated environment where personalized advertising is added directly to the stream before it reaches the end customer.

For us, as a service powered by programmatic advertising, maximizing ad fill rates is crucial. We required a watertight workflow that kept content streaming while ensuring the seamless delivery of a tailored, high-quality ad experience to each viewer. We needed a solution to drive and increase viewing sessions and help us stand out in the crowded AVOD market.


We chose to partner with Verizon Media as it offered all of the functionality we were looking for in one unified platform. We needed to manage live and VOD assets with ease and at scale from multiple studios across the world, and Verizon Media Platform enabled us to do this with confidence.

The Verizon Media Platform has become an integral component of Vuuzle’s robust, client-managed workflow. Local producers can now ingest high-quality video feeds via RTMP or other methods right from their production room Macbooks directly into the Verizon Media Platform no matter their location—all while managing ad-insertion locally. has broadcast hundreds of live events to a global audience, at super-fast speeds, with minimal latency thanks to the platform. We can now empower content partners to go live and direct to ad break seamlessly. With new enhancements, we can now help content partners self-manage and schedule content without involving centralized personnel in production post-setup. Local production can now manage show production and ad breaks in SSAI, enabling more effective monetization of live streams.

By using Verizon’s Managed Slicer Service and other unique tools, we can sidestep the traditional setup and management costs of connecting to studio setups located worldwide. Without needing to place and manage any on-premise equipment, we’re able to stand up new content providers at a much faster pace than before.


Verizon encourages its partners to be innovative and as a result, many of our creative ideas have become a reality as the Verizon Media team has been open to our vision and has the tools to make them happen.

We now have plans to further expand our partnership by leveraging the Verizon Media Platform to move broadcast production into the cloud and decentralize our live production workflow. These steps will further reduce costs and improve the flexibility for producers to control their feeds.

Prophecy Onasis is the CTO of Vuuzle Media Corp. He has been developing online business models for over 15 years such as native apps, content delivery networks and various content delivery platforms. Onasis has extensive knowledge in programmatic advertising and the full stack technology ecosystem monetizing short and long form video. He can be contacted at

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