Vionlabs’ Fingerprint API the Choice for Topic Streaming Service

(Image credit: Vionlabs)

NEW YORK—Vionlabs, a developer of artificial intelligence-powered content analysis technology, has announced that First Look Media has selected its Emotional Fingerprint API to assist with content recommendations on the streaming service Topic.

Topic will use the Emotional Fingerprint API technology to add deep AI-generated video insights to its existing metadata, which is expected to boost viewing time by providing viewers with a personalized UI and more relevant video recommendations.

The Emotional Fingerprint API is a cloud-based technology that provides analysis and data by measuring thousands of factors throughout the duration of the video, including things like colors, pace, audio, object recognition and more to produce an “AI-derived fingerprint timeline,” which Vionlabs says represents an emotional structure of content.

The system can be integrated with existing workflows throughout video acquisition, production and distribution chain.

According to Vionlabs, this is the first U.S. customer since it expanded into the region in 2019.

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