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Verimatrix integrates content protection with GoBackTV CMTS bypass

In an OEM partnership with GoBackTV, Verimatrix has integrated its Video Content Authority System (VCAS) with GoBackTV's CMTS bypass solution, which converts an existing cable system to an asymmetric IP network for IPTV services.

By enabling IPTV on existing cable plants, operators can avoid costly infrastructure upgrades, reclaim bandwidth for new services and reduce cost by gaining access to a wide variety of IPTV consumer premises equipment.

GoBackTV provides the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) bypass hardware infrastructure at the headend. Multicast and unicast IPTV streams are delivered via off-the-shelf IP set-top boxes (STBs) directly though DOCSIS-compliant cable modems, bypassing the CMTS core processor entirely.

Verimatrix's VCAS software-based content security is already integrated with more than 70 IP STBs. It offers the ViewRight PC Player, an independently audited, secure PC player for the IPTV market.

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