Utah Scientific to the rescue

Utah Scientific delivered its UTAH-400 router and SC-4 controller to Equity Broadcasting (EBC) after a lightning bolt destroyed the broadcaster’s analog router at its headquarters in Little Rock, AR.

The EBC is an independent broadcast group, with 40 of its own stations across the United States as well as additional client stations.

The new router, used for pre-production, is a UTAH-400 with a 144 A/V frame. It features 48 x 48 SDI and 48 x 48 AES, with the conversion cards loaded on those frames. The conversion cards are analog to digital on the input side and digital to analog on the output side. The control system is SC-4 with three XY panels.

At EBC, the new router is working under the direction of Crispin automation system drivers in conjunction with an Omneon Spectrum media server system. The router was delivered in December and was up and running less than two weeks later.

EBC is organized around a hub system with a single satellite uplink operating 50 unique feeds from its facility. The broadcaster is 90 percent digital in its operations but still deals with a lot of analog in broadcast work. For EBC, a major advantage of the UTAH-400 is that it does the analog conversions internally — with no additional equipment, space, labor or expense required.

For more information, visit www.utahscientific.com.