Unified Video Technologies introduces uVOD

Unified Video Technologies (UNIV) has has introduced uVOD, a white-label solution designed to empower telcos, cable system operators (MSOs) and ISPs to quickly and easily launch state-of-the art branded VOD services for their subscribers — without investing in costly in-house VOD technology. The services allows subscribers to access linear television channels as well as video on demand.

Based on proprietary technology developed by UNIV, uVOD delivers content over-the-top of the open Internett to all subscriber screens and devices, whenever they choose. Available worldwide as a technology-only service, uVOD is also available in specific regions as a technology plus content service that includes a library of major Hollywood classic and new release titles. Operators may choose to adopt uVOD as a managed srvice, which includes provisioning, fulfillment and billing.

uVOD's per-subscriber pricing model minimizes operator fixed costs, which are generally a significant barrier for tier 2 and 3 operators seeking to add VOD services. In addition, it reduces time-to-launch to months, as opposed to the year or more required to design and integrate infrastructure-based VOD solutions. uVOD is ideal for tier 1 operators whose legacy VOD solutions are reaching obsolescence.