TV One Ltd - Frithjof Becker, EMEA Sales Manager

Q. What broad technology trends do you think will be front-and-centre at IBC2009?
As the transition from SD to HD production and broadcasting is already a reality, the industry is looking to the next step which is 3D. Although I think that 3D production will only affect a small portion of the broadcast chain, the infrastructure has to support it.

Q. Any thoughts on how the current economic climate will affect the show?
Of course the economy is not booming, but I think that the end-users, resellers and integrators should use the opportunity to look for new solutions, especially cost effective solutions like TV One products that meet smaller budget requirements.

Q. What’s new that you will show at IBC2009 and that broadcasters should look for there?
The new TV One Universal 3G-SDI products, like our scan converters and multiviewers as well as many other new TV One products that allow you to create amazing image quality at affordable prices. This makes TV One products very attractive to the user in this economic situation.

Q. How is your new product offering different from what’s available on the market?
The flexibility and quality of the TV One universal I/O scaler has no real competition as we are now combining the flexible video processing using the CORIO2 FPGA technology and the new DVI-U interface (plus 3G SDI Interface). The DVI-U interface allows to connect analogue and digital Signals (CV, Y/C, YUV, RGB, DVI, HDMI), while the FPGA allows flexible video scaling and processing with is also future proof as it is upgradable.

Q. Where are you based, and how many employees do you have? Anything else we should know about your company?
Our European HQ is in Kent, UK and we currently have around 40 employees. We have been manufacturing video processing equipment for the professional AV and broadcast markets for over 25 years.

Q. How many years have you been going to the IBC show and what’s your fondest memory? What’s your favorite restaurant or pub?
We have been exhibiting at IBC for over 15 years. We eat in all of the restaurants near to the RAI though our favourite has to be the Orbit Chinese Restaurant which is about a two minute walk from the exhibition center.

Q. 3D – Hope or Hype or In Between, or wait and see?
Right now I see 3D as hype and it will take quite some time to become a mass market application as wearing 3D glasses is a downside. Nevertheless, we will see it coming to the Gaming and Entertainment Industry very soon.