TV Galicia chooses Vitec Videocom for HD News production

Television de Galicia (TVG), the broadcaster for the autonomous region of Spain, has invested in 22 new ENG kits as part of its move to a completely HD production chain. To ensure top quality along with practicality, TVG has chosen Litepanels’ Sola LED lighting and Vision 100 pan and tilt heads and tripods from Vinten, both Vitec Videocom brands.

The Litepanels Sola ENG panel is a highly flexible light source, with the ability to vary the beam between 10˚ and 70˚ in a single lamp. This gives the camera operator great control over the quality of the image within the tight timescales allowed for a news shoot.

The LED panel uses up to 95% less power than an equivalent tungsten lamp, which on a news shoot means much drain on the battery. The result is that the operator has less weight to carry so can get to the prime spot quicker, and continue shooting for longer.

The Vinten Vision 100 pan and tilt head has a very broad payload range of 7kg to 20kg, so it can support either the camera alone or a full rig with lights, large batteries and prompters with no lack of performance. It has an infinitely adjustable fluid drag, meaning the operator can have total faith in smooth and responsive support.

The Litepanels Sola ENG LED lights were supplied by the Litepanels Spanish distributor Moncada y Lorenzo. The Vinten Vision 100 heads and tripods were supplied by Vinten distributor, Seydevisa.