TSL Professional Products rolls out Touchmix Pilot

TSL Professional Products has rolled out its Touchmix Pilot Desktop Remote system. The Touchmix Pilot, which consists of a new Desktop Remote panel with rack-mount host unit, provides one-touch access to any analog or digital audio source material in mono, stereo or surround; allows for the adjustment of levels and balance; and delivers the capability to mix together multiple sources.

Designed to help broadcasters empower creative operators with a more flexible and convenient control platform, it’s a complete solution for lean-back audio monitoring. By using the Touchmix Pilot, directors, producers, editors and VT operators will have straightforward access to multiple audio sources at their fingertips. Featuring the latest touch-screen technology, the intuitive user interface allows operators to tap the audio channel they wish to hear, mix together incoming sources and even adjust individual level and balance. Complex configuration snapshots can be loaded or saved using on-board memory locations or via the on-board USB port.

Developed for operation with TSL’s AVM-T-MIX (Touchmix), as well as other I/O devices, the system can be set up in a matter of minutes due to its straightforward configurability.