Three New England stations to test Backchannelmedia interactive TV system

WMUR-TV, the ABC affiliate in Manchester, NH, has committed to testing Backchannelmedia’s system for allowing viewers to interact with broadcast television, becoming the second Hearst-Argyle station to announce it will test the system.

The WMUR-TV test will happen concurrently with a test of the system at sister station WCVB-TV/DT in Boston. Additionally, WJAR-TV, the Media General-owned NBC affiliate in Providence, RI, will test the system this summer.

With the Backchannelmedia system, TV viewers can collect their interests by interacting with small, non-intrusive “clickable moments” in programming and traditional commercial spots. Backchannelmedia’s technology provides broadcasters with opt-in data on viewer engagement, which helps advertiser clients by measuring responses to these clickable moments in real time.

The initial WMUR-TV deployment will be to a closed group of over-the-air homes in southern New Hampshire. Future expansion of the system through the company’s TV Click Through to Internet platform via local cable and direct satellite providers that carry the station is possible, the company said.

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