Thomson Offers Emergency Alert Info in New TVs

Thomson, which manufactures the RCA line of television sets, has introduced the RCA Alert Guard emergency alert technology that can deliver information about local and national emergencies to the public, regardless of whether the set is tuned to a cable or satellite channel, playing a videotape, DVD or videogame or even switched on.

The RCA Alert Guard continuously monitors the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's All-Hazard Warning Network of 870 transmitters throughout the United States and its territories. Aside from bad weather emergencies, the televisions transmit alerts for natural disasters, AMBER child abduction alerts and high-level state or federal emergencies, such as terrorist or bio-warfare alerts. The technology is currently available in a 20-inch model and two 27-inch models, with all sets featuring more than 3,400 neighborhood locations built into the memory to offer personalized alerts. The Alert Guard technology can be set up and customized by the consumer.