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Tektronix and Pro-Bel Develop Integrated System

Tektronix, a provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, and Pro-Bel, a supplier of broadcast automation, infrastructure and control technology, announced the availability of an integrated video quality and broadcast management system. The systems mesh Tektronix Cerify and Pro-Bel’s new Morpheus Quality Control (QC) Manager to manage the ingest and transfer of assets in the broadcast workflow.

The integration is achieved through use of the CeriTalk Application Program Interface, part of the Tektronix Cerify automated quality control systems. The integrated systems receive new material alerts from any Morpheus ingest application. Using an XML interface, the systems pass these alerts to Cerify via the CeriTalk API. The QC Manager assigns an appropriate pre-determined test template for the quality check.

Links between the Morpheus QC Manager and the Cerify Web-based user interface provide a status overview of files ingested on the video server network and enable a user to drill down and view file details and information about any quality errors and their exact location, right down to individual frames in the video and audio, said the providers.

Cerify V3.0 and Cerify 200 are currently available. Both support the CeriTalk API.