Stagetec’s CRESCENDO audio console used for RF feeds at Winter X Games

Stagetec’s CRESCENDO audio console was used as a submixer and for routing of all RF audio feeds used at the Winter X Games in Aspen, CO. Coverage included pipe, slope, big air and snowmobiles.

More than 30 RF audio feeds were coming into the CP Communications RF HD 5 truck from the talent, athlete and effects mics, follow-cams, handheld cameras and onboard sled cameras. In the truck was a 16 fader/80 channel CRESCENDO console being controlled by audio mixer Jeff Shuey. He learned the console in a single afternoon of training.

The CRESCENDO is highly configurable both in terms of the number of audio channels and the number of busses, with configurations of up to 300 audio channels and 128 summing busses supported.

The number of mono, stereo and 5.1 sums as well as stereo and 5.1 input-channel linking is also freely configurable. Up to 96 aux or N–1 (mix-minus) busses can be defined. For example, this would allow for up to 96 separate monitor mixes to be configured for a live show.

RF HD 5 is a hybrid RF and fiber HD truck. It is used on major events including the X Games, NYC Marathon, Chicago Marathon and golf. The addition of the Stagetec and NEXUS router gives RF HD 5 even more digital solutions for live events clients.

This was CP and Total RF Productions’ second year supplying a turnkey operation for all the RF mics, RF cameras and fiber infrastructure for the Winter X Games.