SSL gear plays key role in Clive Davis Grammy party

Two Solid State Logic (SSL) XLogic Delta Link MADI HD units and two MADI Opti-Coax converters played a key equipment linkage role for the Clive Davis Grammy party held Feb. 9 at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Advanced Audio Rentals provided the systems for use by recording and broadcast engineer Gustavo Borner, who mixed the show for MSN Music’s live webcast of the party’s performances, which included the Foo Fighters and Alicia Keys.

“The SSL Delta Link system was used with a DiGiCo D5 front-of-house console to provide over 112 channels of Pro Tools playback/recording as well as a live mix feed to the MSN Music webcast of the Clive Davis Grammy party,” says Paul Levy, owner of Advanced Audio Rentals. “The SSL units provided seamless and reliable transfer of digital audio between MADI capable audio components, while significantly reducing the amount of rack gear and cabling needed to make all necessary connections. Reliability and ease of setup and use is critical during a live performance simulcast such as this."

The XLogic Delta Link MADI HD is a professional MADI converter for studio, live and broadcast applications that facilitates direct interconnectivity between Digidesign ProTools HD systems and MADI-enabled audio equipment. With XLogic Delta Link, MADI HD-based audio equipment like routers, digital mixing consoles and converters can now be directly interfaced with ProTools HD, providing simplified interconnectivity.

The SSL MADI Opti-Coax is a format converter box designed to convert up to 64 audio channels bidirectionally (64 in, 64 out) between the MADI Optical and MADI Coaxial formats. Its front panel is equipped with one set of MADI Coaxial input/output connectors and one set of MADI BNC input/output connectors. The rear panel features a two-pin connector for the internal power supply. Conversion takes place in real time with no latency and no audio degradation. In addition to simple format conversion, MADI Opti-Coax can be used to extend cable distance coverage from 50m for the MADI Coax format to 2km for the MADI Optical format.

MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) is an established standardized audio format that can carry up to 64 channels of audio in a single cable connection. MADI is available in two different cable/connection formats: MADI Optical (Optical fiber cable with SC-type connectors) or MADI Coaxial (Coax cable with BNC connectors).

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